... for a Barefoot Life


Sailing in the Greek islands and along the Turkish coast is a wonderful experience that you will never forget and want to live again year after year.

You will love living barefoot with no constraints, staying alone in remote bays where the Chef will cook his delicious Mediterranean cuisine, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, water skiing, sunbathing, admiring strikingly beautiful landscapes. And also staying in lively colourful harbors, visiting archeological and historical sites, and enjoying the night life until dawn if you wish to.


You will be overwhelmed by the imposing beauty of nature still untouched in most places, from the pine edged beaches of Northern Sporades, to the amazing cliffs of Amorgos or Symi, the awe inspiring sea invaded caldera of Santorini or the active volcano of Nisiros, from the magnificent mountain coast of eastern Peloponnese to luxuriant green Corfu.
Most of the Greek islands are mountainous, strikingly beautiful and impressing when sailing around, and providing breathtaking views on the sea and the neighboring islands from the summits.


Everywhere archeological and historical sites bring together many thousand years in a fascinating and moving travel through time since the beginnings of western culture and civilization: Minoan and Mycenaean cyclopean walls, Greek and Roman temples and cities, Byzantine, Norman and Venetian castles and towns, fortresses of the Knights of Saint-John, Ottoman markets and minarets, monasteries….


You will love living barefoot with no constraints, staying alone in remote bays that the Captain will take you to, fishing grouper and sea urchins, swimming or snorkeling in turquoise waters, or water skiing. You will enjoy sunbathing on the flydeck or the bow trampolines while listening to music on Nova Bose stereo system. Wild goats or a sea turtle will probably wander around to see who’s there.

After enjoying the delicious dinner prepared by the Chef, maybe you’ll go for a night swim, in the magic of the led underwater lighting of the ship. The following morning you will set sails to another island, and on the way you might catch a tuna that the Chef will prepare raw in carpaccio or grill on the ship barbecue. Or you will get the surprise visit of a group of dolphins who will play with the bow wave for a while.


After living in the wild, you will probably want to stop in a charming authentic lively harbor, or in vibrant places such as Mykonos, Spetsai, Paros or Kos.

You may decide to stay there for a couple of days, and rent motorbikes or a car to visit the island, drive to the Chora (the capital), walk up to the Venetian castro or wander in the ruins of the roman forum.

In some places you will feel like having travelled back in time. You will discover how nice and welcoming the Greek islanders can be, and the delicious food in the tavernas. And the night life of course which during the summer months can be hectic!


A sample of the Chef’s delicious Mediterranean cuisine:

  1. Appetizers

    • Fresh grilled octopus finished with mastic liquor from Chios island.
    • Fried shrimps in kataifi with vinaigrette sauce, with honey, orange and mustard
    • Stuffed vine leaves with rice, fresh herbs and spices, accompanied by lemon confit
    • Eggplant napoleon with graviera cheese from Naxos island, garlic tomato sauce and cool deep of yogurt
    • Chickpeas purée with minced onions, caper and smoked trout
  2. Salads

    • Boiled black eyed beans salad with extra virgin olive oil, fresh onions and lemon vinaigrette
    • Marinated salmon in yogurt sauce with fresh herbs, served in a cucumber hull
    • Traditional Greek salad: tomato, cucumber, onion slices, caper leaves, extra virgin olive oil and feta cheese
    • Variety of green salad with Mediterranean fruits, pecans and grape spirits sauce
    • Potato salad with fresh onions, tomato, pine nuts and fresh herbs, served with honey sauce
    • Nova salad: fresh spinach, squids sautéed with rosemary, garlic and balsamic vinegar
  3. Main courses

    • Medallions of lobster sautéed with semi sweet white wine, served with vegetable risotto, fresh herbs and saffron
    • Baked fresh salmon with rum and orange, garnished with boiled vegetables and mango sauce
    • Roasted thick slices of beef fillet served with white and black rice and aromatic wine sauce (Vinsanto wine from Santorini island, herbs and pear)
    • Traditional Greek mixed grill of sausages, lamb chops, meatballs and pork souvlaki, accompanied with tzatziki, pita bread and baked potatoes in lemon sauce
    • Seafood trilogy: steamed mussels, shrimps sautéed with ouzo sauce, scallops in champagne cream sauce
    • Fresh fish grilled with herbs, rosemary and garlic on a base of beet chips, served with aromatic mashed potatoes
    • Red mullet and pine nuts risotto
    • Traditional Greek mousaka
  4. Desserts

    • Panna cotta with seasonal fruit sauce and crispy biscuits
    • Millefeuille with chocolate ice cream and homemade sweet cherry sauce
    • Pecan pie with grated coconut and kaimaki ice cream
    • Traditional Greek milk pie (galaktoboureko)
    • Traditional Greek halvas with nuts
    • Cheesecake with cherry and chocolate sauce